You can disable the Conversation View (Grouped) messages in your web mail by going to the cog (settings) icon in the upper right-hand corner, and clicking Mail Settings.

Select the General settings tab -> Select “Conversation view off” -> Scroll to the bottom and click “Save Changes”

Ensure Excel Format Is Correct

First, ensure that the Excel sheet is in the proper format.  I know you receive this listings online but for some reason they’re not properly saved in Excel format.  So before you begin the process, please open the file in Excel.
Click File -> Save As
Ensure the Save As Type drop down has Excel 97-2003 Workbook selected
Click Save
Close Excel (or atleast this workbook)


Import Excel Data into Avery Labels

Open \\CentralNAS\Group Files\Documents\Label Template.dotx on the CentralNAS with Microsoft Word.
Once open, click the mailings tab.
Click the drop down arrow under Start Mail Merge and select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard…
Click Next on the bottom right until you get to step 3 of 6
Click the Browse… button to choose the Excel sheet you wish to import from.
Browse to the file you want to import address information from.  As an example I’ve uploaded:
\\CentralNAS\Group Files\Documents\birchwood2.xls
Click OK, ensuring that “First row of data contains column headers” is checked
Click OK
Click Next: Write your letter
Click Next: Preview your letter
Confirm all looks good, make any manual changes you need to and click Next: Complete the Merge
You should now be able to print
File -> Print

If you get an error about margins, go to the Page Layout Tab, drop down Margins, click Custom Margins… (all the way at the bottom), click OK, click Fix, Click Ok, try printing again.

Hi Jim,

We are finally getting settled in our temporary location until our home is built at Heritage Shores in Bridgeville.   We would like to thank you for your generous gift and let you know that it is really appreciated.

We would also like to say how much we appreciated the outstanding work you did on promoting and selling our home.  You always kept us in the loop by phone and email, letting us know what to expect, giving us encouragement when the market slowed down, and offering suggestions to assist with the sale.  You were there during our home inspection and offered suggestions on the requested work to be done.

Also, we appreciated the help you provided in purchasing our new home in Bridgeville, DE.   You worked to get us the best deal available on the new home.  At the same time, you searched the area to locate a rental for us (at the same location – Heritage Shores) while our new home is being built.   You truly are a full service realtor.

We are recommending you to our friends and relatives letting them know of all the work you did on the sale of our former residence, the purchase/building of the our new home and securing the rental of a temporary residence for us.    AND also the fact that you were in constant contact with us throughout all of it.

We look forward to the construction phase of our home and know you will be there for us if we need to discuss any details with you.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial to your experience and hard work.

Thanks again,

Bill and Joann Merritt

To access your IMAP email within Outlook 2003 you need to Open Microsoft Outlook and expand  Your email will be stored in the Inbox in this folder. uses Google mail (GMail) for email.  In order to setup your phone to access your account, please follow one of the following tutorials:

How to Setup an Android phone for Google Mail

How to Setup a Blackberry for Google Mail

How to Setup an IPhone for Google Mail